• Leading intelligent operation and maintenance technology in the energy industry of domestic market

    For the benefit of customers, for the development of employees, and for the advancement of society

    The tunnel inspection robot and the pipe gallery inspection robot are Internationally advanced and leading in the domestic market .

    High-speed, high-stability, full-featured, adapt to a variety of application scenarios such as power grid, municipal And rail transit

    The photovoltaic cleaning robot owns the majority of market share in the domestic market

    High-yield, long-term warranty, enhance power generation efficiency by an average of 5%-20% annually

    The first operation and maintenance robot service provider for nuclear power pipelines

    Advanced magnetic adsorption technology, full coverage of complex scenes and detection functions

    Operation and Maintenance Robot

    The main products include photovoltaic robots, orbit robots, wheeled robots and crawler robots, as well as a supplementary platform that managed and controlled by the backstage integrated industrial Internet. All of the products have independent intellectual property rights, with the features of light load, high stability and full function. Our technologies of structure, motion control and recognition algorithm are excellent in technical economy, they have reached a leading level domestically and an advanced level internationally. The company has a long-term cooperation with scientific research institutes on the one hand, such as Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Southeast University. On the other hand, it has been cooperating with the global industrial giants like GE, SIEMENS. We jointly research and develop the operation and maintenance (O&M) solutions at the application level that target to domestic energy clients.

    Smart Energy

    Smart energy is intelligent operation and maintenance service combines with the big data platform. Such service provides a variety of intelligent products and solutions to the electric power industry, municipal administration, telecommunications industry and many other industries. With the assistance of the service, companies and organizations are able to achieve detection and evaluation of industrial equipment status, receive malfunction warning, process operation and maintenance,etc.. The service is also able to link data to the actual business activities and therefore to achieve the ultimate needs of safety and lean production.


    Based on the technologies of intelligent robot, artificial intelligence algorithm and big data analysis, the company provides intelligent O&M integrated solutions for energy industry. The solutions can quickly achieve the O&M control requirements for clients, such as equipment-and-IoT connection, robot control, data analysis, status assessments, operation optimisation, and decision assistance.

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